In the name of allah the merciful and the gracious 

who is imam mahdi?

why now a few people must have wealth of world for themselves must have huge houses,  very comfortable lives and grand facilities?

but many people have to experience difficult and arduous lives because of depauperation and starvation?

don't you think it's time to establish real justice in world?

imam mahdi will avouch real and correct justice in whole of world and he will eradicate depauperation  as there won't  be any poor .any one will not find any poor to help him ;all people will be rich and all will have excellent lives with no arduously!

don't you think it's time to finish all wars  and  instate world peace?

why now a few people that have military forces because of their revenues assault to other countries and kill innocent peoples?

why  some  must  take calmness and convenience from peoples and make panic in the world?

imam mahdi will come and will finish to all wars and set peace and calmness in the world; people will have safety and grith. 

all existents in heaven and earth will be happy by his arrival

let all of us try to arrival of imam mahdi and acquaint and  popularize him to world.

imam mahdi will come one day at friday .

all of us want from God to make his arrival sooner

(please write your opinions and questions in comment part)


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